The experience of seeking medical services can vary across types of services, providers, intake processes, and payment methods. If you are not paying out of pocket, as many Americans don’t, you’re likely to go through insurance verification. When searching for an addiction treatment center, you need to know that there are Blue Cross Blue Shield drug rehab facilities available in the Tampa, Florida area. 

Blue Cross Blue Shield Drug Rehab Facilities

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) covers many services necessary for Americans to lead healthy, happy lives across the country, including substance abuse recovery centers.  With the use of the internet and easy-to-find contact numbers, finding a BCBS drug rehab center is easier than it has ever been.

Through the BCBS website, you can enter whatever location you prefer into the convenient search engine organized by doctor, specialty, place, or type. You can input insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield that is already established or, if you don’t know for sure, move on with your search from there. If you find an establishment that you find to be a good fit for you on your and a loved one’s recovery journey, search their website or call them directly with questions about what programs they offer for insurance coverage. 

Coalition Recovery is one establishment that offers coverage for addiction treatment through Blue Cross Blue Shield. A Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab center like Coalition Recovery will have direct phone numbers to call and get started on the process of getting your life back into your own hands. Information is available on generalized costs under BCBS coverage as well as out of pocket, with varying plans summarized to help you choose which option is best for you.

BCBS Drug Rehab Center and Coverage in Tampa, Florida

Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance is much like any other insurance policy because there are varying levels of coverage. Specifically, there are four: 

1. Bronze 

Bronze level coverage under Blue Cross Blue Shield is the least expensive plan with the least amount of coverage. In reference to rehabilitation expenses with in-patient services, the provider must be in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

For outpatient treatment, it varies state by state with the coinsurance requirement varying anywhere between 0% and 50%. 

2. Silver

Blue Cross Blue Shield provides the next step up from Bronze with the Silver coverage plan. This plan has more thorough coverage but requires coinsurance on top of the required deductible for in-network services providers. 

In-network providers under the out-patient Silver plan with Blue Cross Blue Shield may or may not require coinsurance. However, they could opt for a per-visit copay. It also varies in coverage by provider when considering out-of-network options.

3. Gold

The percentage of coinsurance required for this coverage plan is less than the silver plan. As a result, this may help with the cost. The deductible remains and the Gold plan still does not cover out-of-network providers.

For outpatient services provided, either a small coinsurance percentage or copay may be required. Out-of-network providers may be covered on a case-by-case basis.

4. Platinum

While the Platinum plan does require an even higher coinsurance percentage, it does cover some out-of-network service providers. This can help with choosing a location that both accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield and can provide the rehab services that you deserve. 

Platinum plans for outpatient coverage have very minimal copay or coinsurance percentage requirements and may even cover certain out-of-network services. However, they often require a higher coinsurance rate in this case.

Contact Coalition Recovery for More Information On Blue Cross Blue Shield

Each person that is seeking insurance coverage for drug rehabilitation is welcomed and encouraged to contact the office of Coalition Recovery for more information on coverage for a Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab center. Call us at 888.707.2873 to speak with a mental health professional today about the start of a new beginning.

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