Is a medical or medication-assisted treatment program help you overcome your substance use disorder? For men and women struggling with addiction, finding the right type of therapy can be essential but nearly impossible to do. A MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, is available to you at South Tampa Psychiatry. Allow our professionals to provide you with the support you need. To learn more about your treatment options, including our MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, contact us today at 866.273.5017.

What Is a MAT Program Near St. Petersburg, FL?

The MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, provides a wide range of tools to help you stop using drugs and alcohol. It is designed to combine both medication and therapy to help you stop using and to recovery. That does not mean medication alone is enough to provide you with the ability to avoid addiction or relapse. It also means that therapy alone is not enough. It is the combination of these two components that helps many people to thrive in recovery.

When you enroll in our treatment program, you’ll have a full assessment to determine your medical needs. From there, we will work with you to determine if you have an addiction. A key component of this is education. We want you to know what your options are.

Once you know the value of detox and medication assistance, you’ll find this program can be a very good option for you.

What Is the Medication Component?

The medication component of this program provides you with medications that are FDA approved. They do not replace your drug use, but they help trick the brain into believing you are still using drugs or alcohol. That helps to alleviate many of the withdrawal symptoms and cravings you have. By taking away the cravings, it is more likely that you will be able to stop using drugs and alcohol for the long term.

Medications do not solve the underlying cause of addiction, though. That is why our MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, will always focus on addiction treatment in a whole-person view.

What Is the Therapy Component?

The therapy component of this MAT program focuses on the actual talk therapy that you need. Most of the time, this includes both individual and group therapy. You will work with a professional to talk about your addiction, why it occurred, and what can be done about it. You will also learn more about how to control your thought processes.

We use a range of different therapies to help you, including TMS therapy and other treatment options. Those we choose are based on your specific needs.

It’s also important to know that our MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, will also offer dual diagnosis care. This is a type of treatment program that also focuses on treating underlying mental health conditions you may have. Many men and women with addiction face difficulties with a range of mental health conditions. If you do not resolve these underlying problems, your addiction may not improve. We offer a range of dual diagnosis treatment options, including:

Our goal of any treatment program is to give you the best ability to overcome addiction and to avoid relapse. The MAT program is one way we can help you to achieve these goals. It helps many people to achieve their best outcomes.

Find the Care You Need at South Tampa Psychiatry

When you are looking for a MAT program near St. Petersburg, FL, put your trust in our professionals. With innovative solutions and outstanding care, South Tampa Psychiatry can help you overcome your challenges and find the best way forward. Learn more by calling 866.273.5017 today.

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