Depression is a mental health disorder that adversely affects all of the significant ways a person interacts with the world. A person suffering from depression — sometimes referred to as “major depressive disorder” — has a chemical imbalance that casts a negative shadow over the way they think and act. Signs of depression often include loss of interest in activities, a negative state of mind, fatigue, and withdrawal from social life or family. Mental health experts have long known that depression is the result of chemical imbalances in the brain, but it is still conventional wisdom that someone with depression is just “sad” or “will snap out of it. The reality is that someone who suffers from depression must consult a therapist at a depression treatment center, and this is where the mental health specialists at GIA Miami can help.

Tracking the symptoms of depression can help you or a loved one make an informed decision on how to treat the condition. Instead of allowing depression to control your life, schedule an assessment at a treatment center so that you can get on the path to recovery from your condition. Reach out to GIA Miami today online or call to learn more.

Common Signs of Depression

Depression can develop slowly over months or years. A person may not realize they have a problem until it starts to affect the family, job, finances, or health. Even if other people point out that there may be a problem, a person may not get help until they finally recognize and admit that they have a disorder.
Some of the most common symptoms of depression include the following:

Little Interest or Pleasure in Activities

Someone who is struggling with addiction has little interest in participating in activities that they typically find enjoyable or necessary. Therefore, common signs of depression include turning down invitations, participating less frequently in activities they once enjoyed, and avoiding social gatherings. As depression sets in, their motivation to do anything is low, and they may isolate themselves in the house. Sometime this can also be from a co-occuring disorder from drug and alcohol in that case you want to seek out Miami dual diagnosis treatment

Feeling Hopeless or Down All the Time

Contrary to what people say, depression is not just something that a person can get over with a quick change of scenery or mindset. It is a mental disorder that often has an impact on brain function. Therefore, it may be difficult for a person to overcome feelings of despair or hopelessness. A person who is depressed often talks about having “good days” and “bad days” as their mood fluctuates. This is fairly standard among the signs of depression and should be taken very seriously.

Insomnia or Hypersomnia

One of the most common signs of depression is that it can cause disruptions in sleep patterns. Someone who is plagued with negative thoughts may have trouble sleeping at night. Even when they do sleep, they may wake in just a few hours. On the other hand, some people who are depressed sleep all of the time and have trouble getting out of bed. The mental health specialists at GIA Miami can also treat you with sleep modulation as we address your depression.

Fatigue or Low Energy

When a person is depressed, they feel it in their entire body. They may exercise, eat right, or get plenty of rest. However, they still feel drained and lack the energy to do just about anything. Eventually, they slow down in almost all areas of their life. They lack the motivation to engage in activities.

Eating Too Much or Too Little

Poor eating habits are one of the most common signs of depression. Someone who is consumed by negativity may avoid food or eat all of the time as a coping mechanism. Depression can often trigger eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. This is particularly common in teenagers and young adults. At GIA Miami, part of our program involves nutritional services, which are aimed at combating this particular barrier to mental wellness.

Difficulty Concentrating or Making Decisions

Depression can cause a person to live under a mental “cloud.” Thoughts are often fuzzy, as the person lives with self-doubt or uncertainty. This can lead to difficulty concentrating or an inability to make decisions. Sometimes the most straightforward situations can become difficult to navigate. Some times difficulty with concentrating can also be from behavioral or mental health issues when mixed with depression one should seek out mental health treatment Miami Florida

Feelings of Restlessness

Agitated depression can cause a person struggling with depression to pace around and fidget. They may feel the impulse to do anything to avoid feeling emotional discomfort or pain, and often describe the sensation that they are “crawling out of their skin.” An individual exhibits agitated behavior such as nervous tics, outbursts, fidgeting, or hand wringing.

Get Help for Depression at GIA Miami

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